Does Twitter's exec team even use Twitter?

In response to Merlin Mann's tweet:

ExecutiveTitleUsernameaccount started#tweetsper dayreplies /daylast molast 3 mo
Katie Jacobs StantonVice President, Global Media@katies
02 Dec '09
Kevin WeilSenior Vice President of Product@kevinweil
04 Apr '07
Dick CostoloChief Executive Officer@dickc
28 May '07
Adam BainPresident of Global Revenue & Partnerships@adambain
29 Mar '08
Adam MessingerChief Technology Officer@adam_messinger
21 Mar '07
Gabriel StrickerChief Communications Officer@gabrielstricker
27 Mar '09
Alex RoetterSenior Vice President of Engineering@aroetter
01 Dec '09
Vijaya GaddeGeneral Counsel@vijaya
05 Apr '09
Anthony NotoChief Financial Officer@anthonynoto
27 Apr '09
Gordon LeeController & Interim Chief Accounting Officer@glee_hk
07 Dec '10
Brian “Skip” SchipperVice President of Human Resources @skipschipper
08 Jan '14
For comparison, an average user (and I've been mildly bored with Twitter recently):
Si DawsonGeneric Twitter User@sidawson
23 Jun '08
Analysis done 21 April 2015
Note the execs that have left Twitter since the analysis was done, in April 2015. Not reassuring.
ANSWER: (with the exception of @KatieS and possible @kevinweil)

a) They never used it before they worked at Twitter
b) They barely use it now
c) They definitely aren't talking to other users
Twitter: Taking the Social out of Social Media
account started: The date they started their Twitter account (not necessary when they started working at Twitter)
#tweets: Their total number of tweets ever (including RT's, replies and public tweets)
per day: Their average number of tweets per day, over the entire length they've had a Twitter account
replies/day: Their average number of replies per day. Ie, how much are they talking to anyone?
last mo: How many tweets they've done in the last month
last 3 mo: How many tweets they've done in the last three months
See also: The Truth about Twitter's user stats